Youth TimeBanking (YTB) is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit - a youth-adult program of service activities for which youth earn time credits to support their interests and development.  YTB Community CALM activities build strengths, social connections, and solidarity.   CALM stands for Care (Service) - Apps (Digital) - Learn (Literacy) - Make (Physical) for Community.  YTB is people helping each other create their community and where Youth ARE – Assets + Resources + Energy!

YTB applies Timebanking's 5 Core Values,  -- Youth and communities benefit – which relates to Timebanking’s Core Value of Social Networks.  The YTB Movement brings the other values to life – Youth are Assets to the community, service to others is Redefined Work, paying it forward demonstrates Reciprocity, and being accountable is Respect.  The Core Values align with the domains of Social Determinants of Health.

The 5 Core Values and Social Determinants of Health


Asset Every one of us has something of value to share with someone else.

Redefining Work There are some forms of work that money will not easily pay for, like building strong families, revitalizing neighborhoods, making democracy work, advancing social justice. Time credits were designed to reward, recognize and honor that work.

Reciprocity Helping that works as a two-way street empowers everyone involved – the receiver as well as the giver. The question: “How can I help you?” needs to change so we ask: “Will you help someone too?”  Paying it forward ensures that, together, we help each other build the world we all will live in.

Social Networks Helping each other, we reweave communities of support, strength & trust. Community is built by sinking roots, building trust, creating networks. By using timebanking, we can strengthen and support these activities.

Respect Respect underlies freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and everything we value. Respect supplies the heart and soul of democracy. We strive to respect where people are in the moment, not where we hope they will be at some future point.