Youth TimeBanking (YTB) is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit - a youth-adult program of service activities for which youth earn time credits to support their interests and development.  YTB Community CALM activities build strengths, social connections, and solidarity.   CALM stands for Care (Service) - Apps (Digital) - Learn (Literacy) - Make (Physical) for Community.  YTB is people helping each other create their community and where Youth ARE – Assets + Resources + Energy!

Definition: Youth TimeBanking is a community service practice for supporting youth to increase awareness of community organizations and expand their network of social supports.  YTB is experiential learning in the interests of building community connections.  YTB also introduces youth to principles of co-production and servant leadership.  When youth are involved with community they strengthen their connections to their community and learn about Civic Engagement.  As youth continue with YTB they experience co-production -- a model in which each person contributes to the plan, process, practice, and outcome.

Vision: YTB's Vision is that all youth transition to adulthood with the experience of demonstrating responsibility for service with others and connections to their community.  YTB is a system of service exchange that leverages the talents, capabilities, and energies of youth so that they are viewed as partners and co-producers to achieve shared goals and work towards shared visions in our communities.

Mission: Youth TimeBanking (YTB) is a youth-adult partnership that supports youth with service opportunities to build community connections.  YTBNJ’s activity is organized in 3-month seasons. Youth participate in service exchanges that increase community connections and give youth practice to “Build One Strength each Season” (BOSS). At the end of a season youth earn an opportunity for something they need, school supplies, an introduction, access, digital inclusion, sports gear, supplies for arts & crafts, lessons, coaching, a technology accessory, or gift card to support the local economy.  If their need is urgent it will be addressed before the end of the season.  YTB helps youth as they help others!

Projects:'s current projects include:
  • Prior to COVID-19, and when we are able to comfortably meet in person, YTBNJ will coordinate opportunities for youth focused on five areas:  1) community service; 2) “Practice Sessions” with YTB Coaches to learn new skills; 3) YTB Event Days to demonstrate project activities; 4) YTB Field Trips for volunteer service experiences, and 5) YTB Leadership at Youth Conferences and YTB Event Management.
  • During COVID-19, is coordinating YTB100.  See YTB Explainer and YTB Animation
  • Social Media: Instagram @YTB_NJ
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