TechSoup Connect's chapter for Timebanking Organizations hosts online events to discuss technology topics of interest to Timebanks & Community Nonprofits.

We welcome nonprofits, consultants, technologists, funders, and everyone else passionate about using technology for good. 

Sessions are being scheduled for June, August, and October.

Recommend topics: TechSoup offerings, graphic design apps, creative use of text messaging, video editing, and other topics...

Event format: Update on TechSoup, Guest speaker/Topic, Discussion, and a 5-minute demo of something useful and easy to do!

Topic examples: Prepare a Social Media Post, Create a Word-Cloud; Trim a video recording and add a title slide; Set up a Survey; Create a visual from a PDF file...

Graphics: Canva, Krita, PPTX, Illustrator
Video: Microsoft Video Editor, YouTube, Adobe Rush, Animotica
Social Media: MailChimp, Instagram, Facebook Business, Spark
Web page content tools
Survey tools
SharePoint Online
Hardware discounts
Virtual meetings, headsets, settings

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