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Stories of Inclusion – Stories of Recovery Sunday - 22 January 2022, 4pm-5:30pm ET

Learn something with Rose Perry, PhD, a neuroscientist who specializes in child development, and the Founder/Executive Director of the applied research nonprofit organization, Social Creatures. Dr. Rose Perry is a neuroscientist and physiologist researching social determinants of risk and resilience across the lifespan. Outside of the lab, she frequently serves as a consultant or scientific advisor for nonprofit organizations to translate research findings and methodology to applied settings.

Listen to meaningful music: Concert & Conversation with Ricky Byrd, Recovery Troubadour, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist. Bio, lyrics, video, and Byrd's Words at rickybyrd.com

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Join us and you will Come Bank Stronger!

Youth TimeBanking (YTB) is a 501(c)(3) public charity nonprofit - a youth-adult program of service activities for which youth earn time credits to support their interests and development.  YTB Community CALM activities build strengths, social connections, and solidarity.   CALM stands for Care (Service) - Apps (Digital) - Learn (Literacy) - Make (Physical) for Community.  YTB is people helping each other create their community and where Youth ARE – Assets + Resources + Energy!

White Paper on Monmouth County Opioid Addiction Crisis

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