Digital 4 Community involves using technology or software for YTB Projects. -- See also Design Page

Signature Project: Graphic Design -- see our YTB Story: a collaboration across, YTB Jamaica, and Mid Canterbury TimeBank using Adobe Illustrator.

Other YTB Digital 4 Community projects include Video Editing of ITBD Session Recording -- Visuals for the YTB video (ITBD-Video01 for March 21) -- YTB Explainer Video.   YTB members use a cloud text-messaging tool for recording service time to create a visual display of YTB activity.


YTB creates T-shirts each year for all of the locations.  This logo was redrawn in Adobe Illustrator before being printed onto these cool tie-dyed purple T-shirts.  The logo was also repurposed for this 3D printed lapel pin.  And social media graphic of YTB Little Free Library locations.  D4C also contributes to audio-video-graphics-pictures-animation for YTB Instagram and YTB Facebook.


Instructions for removing background on digital images.