Learn 4 Community involves Community Literacy along with Digital Inclusion & Digital Literacy, virtual tours, workshops, training -- to help us decide where/ what/ how we want to make a contribution.  We also learn about Timebanking -- here are some videos on Timebanking that we like:

  • How timebanking can help rebuilding community spirit | Valerie Miller | TEDxDouglas -- [Weekly involvement makes a big difference over time and leads to intercommunity connections, human drive for human connection, sustainable, contrast of cooperation vs competition, contrast of the market world and the social world -- practicing timebanking increases opportunities for "doing something we enjoy with people we enjoy being with."]
  • Timebanking in the UK: It's About Time | Sarah Bird | TEDxStPeterPort -- [Time is the currency creating mutual support networks, reducing isolation and improving health and well being.  Offers contrast between volunteering (one-way street) and timebanking (two-way street).  Significant example of how timebanking affects self-perception -- people see themselves as needed by their community.  Timebanking is asset-based model -- for everyone.]

Signature Projects are Little Free Libraries -- they connect us to community and over time help build community.  Other YTB activities that help us learn and connect include the YTB workshops, Online sessions, webinars, virtual tours, Microsoft trainings, and events that we run-support-join as learners.

  YTB Youth/Young  Adult advisors can add their suggestions and questions for making YTB more and more     meaningful wherever it is practiced.  YTB works best with young people being co-producers in their   community.  Click this link to add your ideas --> YTB Idea Bank  <-- and be sure to record your time.


Other Examples: Join YTB for a virtual tour of the Rancho Relaxo NJ Animal Rescue and Sanctuary -- we develop a deep regard for what RRNJ does and want to help them by participating in a Make 4 Community sign building activity.  YTB provided two virtual animal sanctuary tours: the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and Rancho Relaxo


Here are some other ways to participate in Learn 4 Community:

  • Attend a Town Hall meeting – you will learn about something important that will be on the election ballot.
  • Attend a YTB meeting to learn about what other YTB members have done to help the community.
  • Work with your YTB coach to create a resume, find an internship, develop a LinkedIn profile...