Make 4 Community - the emphasis is on making or doing things with our hands with physical materials and tools or equipment.

Signature Project: Hat Not Hate Anti-Bullying Campaign

Other: Signs for animal sanctuary, assembling or installing a Little Free Library, making letter-bead bracelets, badges via 3D-printer, sewing COVID masks

Collaborating organizations: AlmaPark Yarn Shop,,, AT&T Pioneers

Hat Not Hate is an anti-bullying campaign launched by Lion Brand in 2018.  Its goal is to collect 100,000 handmade blue hats to donate to select schools around the country during National Bullying Prevention Month in October each year.  Here are the hats YTB made for Hat Not Hate:


Rancho Relaxo is a non-profit animal rescue organization in Salem County, NJ.  Founded in 2012 by Caitlin Cimini, Rancho Relaxo is currently home to many farm animals who were rescued from inhumane conditions.  When Rancho Relaxo acquired Tesha the pig, YTB made these two signs to welcome her:


Little Free Library is a non-profit whose purpose is to make books accessible to all people, removing barriers to book access.  Based on the "take a book, leave a book" idea, Little Free Libraries are available all over the world.  YTB coordinated six Little Free Libraries, three in New Jersey (Freehold Township, Long Branch, Pemberton) and others in St Petersburg, FL, Queenhythe, Jamaica, and Southbury, CT.   The YTB coordinator in Southbury made these face masks: